Every boat owner has different ideas about the right finish for their vessel. Madeline listened carefully to my extraordinary expectations and struck a fine balance between using her own good judgment, and recognizing when to ask questions about special exceptions. Our 40-foot yawl has a few hundred square feet of complex teak woodwork. Finding someone who can rise to the challenge of such a big project had been frustrating until Madeline came along. Madeline helped to completely wood-down our boat and do lots of basic repairs prior to the finish coats, a process that takes weeks with our yawl (I know how much work it is: I’ve done it myself). She’s strong and nimble and when she puts her head down into the work she goes a freight train. She has demonstrated an excellent work ethic (all too uncommon nowadays), an almost superhuman attention to detail, and a cheerful disposition that’s a joy to spend time with. The worst part is when the job’s finally over and the boat’s beautiful again… I actually miss having her around. She’s has earned a place as permanent crew and family.
— Timothy Litvin, owner of Sala ma Sond